Credit: RB Leipzig via Twitter

Anders Vejrgang dominates Weekend League

FIFA Super Talent Anders Vejrgang has not yet lost in 120 matches in the FIFA Weekend League.

Also, FIFA 19 World Champion Mohammed "MoAuba" Harkous lost a test match against the Dane. At the score of 6:0, the professional player stopped the game.

Anders Vejrgang is not yet allowed to play in the Virtual Bundesliga because he is still too young. In two years, Vejrgang will change to the professional team. FIFA professional Daniel Fehr ("Fehrminator") coaches Anders Vejrgang.

On Twitch, the youngster had more than 6.000 spectators in the live stream last time.

The FIFA Weekend League (WL) is the highest tournament within FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). One matchday runs from Friday, at 9 o'clock, until Monday. During this time, 30 games can be played. After three matchdays, the 14-year-old leads the table with a large lead.

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