Adam from WIDZEW LODZ: I deeply believe we will reach the Great Final

Dear Adam Olejniczak, You are one of two managers of WIDZEW ŁÓDŹ. Can you briefly introduce your team?


We are still a quite young e-sport section, based within professional polish football club structures. We were founded a year ago, and in our first season, we managed to reach the semi-final of VPL Europa League and clinch 4th place in Polish Super Liga – highest league in Poland. We are still developing ourselves, getting stronger every day.


In which leagues are you represented?


Currently we participate in 3 leagues – the most important for us Is Polish Super Liga. Also, we are part of VPG Championship North and FVPA Esports project, where we are only unbeaten team in the competition.


How is the season going so far?


After a solid start, which still was not as good as we wanted, after pre-season transfers, in the second part of Polish Super Liga, we are growing, with every upcoming leg. The more we play with each other, the better we will become, as we are still getting to know one another. Right now we are leading FVPA esport, 5th in Polish Super Liga and should be 4th in VPG Championship North.


In many countries, the Pro Clubs mode is still strongly underrepresented. You come from Poland. How do you see the situation around the Pro Clubs mode in your country?


3 years ago we had only one scene here in Poland. Everything changes when Polish Pro Clubs League (Currently Polish – Super Liga) was founded in FIFA 19 (or at the end of FIFA 18), it’s hard to recon right now. After this, our scene has become a lot more professional. Professional football clubs became interested, where we are the best example. Apart from us, there is WKS Śląsk Wrocław, Arka Gdynia, Korona Kielce, Zawisza Bydgoszcz, GKS Tychy – all of them are part of our League structure.


The organization has already made 2 Lan events (it should be more, but Corona Crisis and a lot of restrictions, 2020 LAN finals in Kielce were cancelled). On LAN’s all the best teams from the League are participating in the play-off stage to get the Cup. Which is our target, for this year.


What fascinates you about this mode?


After all, in my opinion this is the most competitive and close to the real football game mode, we are able to play. Who didn’t dream to become a professional player, when we were kids? Playing 11v11, despite with friends, where distance does not matter. In my opinion, it is really, much better mode than FUT for example.


Do you have any ideas about how the Pro Clubs mode can get more recognition?


First of all, the example must come from the top. You know, Ultimate Team is currently most popular mode, because EA is advertising it everywhere, while Pro Clubs are like it ugly cousin. Some of UT players know it exists, but don’t care too much about it.


We can try to encourage football clubs to be a part of our community, we have to do it, we have to be more and more professional, but until EA, the producers won’t take this mode more serious, for example like 2k sports treats their “Pro club” mode, it will not move too far to greatness.


Now, for the first time, the Pro Clubs mode gets the chance to present itself on the stage of the biggest sports fair in the world. You have decided to participate in the tournament. Why are you taking part in the FIFA Pro Clubs EU Masters 2021?


It was a great chance to test ourselves, in front of top European e-sport organizations, and as ambitious team, we couldn’t let this chance just fly away. If anywhere, there is a chance to compete with the best, to show ourselves, our mother-club to the audience, we will do it.


Despite participating in e-sports, we all are sportsmen, we have a spirit, and great will to win all we can.


Lets talk about your performance in the FIFA Pro Clubs EU Masters 2021 so far. On Saturday it worked out extremely well for you. How do you saw your team performance on Saturday.


As it is for a game against Alemania, it was, and our players said, a piece of cake for us. A game, where everything was exactly, how we wanted it to be. Despite a lot of difficulties – it was hard for us, to collect full, and strongest possible start-up 11 – Saturdays are not our gaming days, usually, we are resting there. But we have won 5:0 the first game, it tells all about itselves.


The second game was really tough, typical one mistake game. Neither we nor our opponents for a long time, make any mistakes in defence, good passing, pressing on a good level, and when the opportunity comes – we took it. And here we are today in semi-finals, with a chance to win it all.


As it comes to the tournament itself, we get every help we needed from its chiefs, and we are extremely grateful for it. Administrators did the hell of a job. But also, as it is an international tournament, it would be good, if all communication be handled in English mainly, but it’s just a tip for the future. Thank you for having us here.


Now you in the semi-final. With Vesper Gaming you face a Spanish team. Did you know the team before and how do you prepare for the game?


Personally, I don’t know much about our opponents, we will see what will happen. We will treat them like any other opponent with respect, but as always, we will try to play our game and do our best. We look only at ourselves, everything else is just an obstacle, we have to, and I deeply believe we will overcome to reach the Great Final.


In the final you either could face FC ISHGN from Germany or WKS Slask Wrocław Esports from Polen. Would you rather play a team from your country or a team from a different country in the final?


Of course Polish Final is our dream. It will be great to show, how strong polish community is, across all the Europe.


To finish this Interview could you tell us your tip for the final round of the FIFA Pro Clubs EU Masters 2021. Does WIDZEW ŁÓDŹ win the tournament?


It can’t be any different. We want to win the tournament and I believe we will achieve it. We all, in Widzew Łódź believe it will happen, and at least virtually, our captain will rise a Cup todays evening