Credit: EA Sports

6th title update of FIFA 21 released by EA Sports

Once again, there are changes in the FIFA game. With the new title update, EA has fulfilled the wishes of the community. Besides minor changes in the gameplay, especially the blocking behaviour of the AI players has changed.


In addition to that, EA continues to improve the defensive work of the players. In the 5th title update, blocking behaviour was one of the most important topics. Now in the 6th title update, further changes are made.


The new update reduces the distance from which the AI-controlled teammate could use a block. This should result in more shots towards the goal. Furthermore, passes should be intercepted more naturally by the defensive player. The impact of the changes on the defensive game will become apparent in the weeks following the release.


Besides the defensive work, the gameplay of the players will also change. Step-overs can now be used more effectively in the game. The player's speed when tricking will be reduced considerably. Furthermore, goalkeepers can fist balls further away.

Several bugixes

Besides the changes mentioned above, the title update also fixes some bugs. Especially in the Ultimate Team mode, menu navigation is improved. In the Career mode, in VOLTA and the Pro Club, nuances are changed. Besides, gamers can look forward to new stadiums, jerseys and crests.


Initially, only PC gamers will be able to enjoy the update. There is no date for the XBOX or the PS4 yet.