420-0! Anders Vejrgang elevated his record

FIFA wunderkind Anders Vejrgang is simply unstoppable. The Dane remains unbeaten for the 14th weekend in a row. He reached the 15th place this time.


Anders Vejrgang's winning streak just doesn't seem to want to end. This weekend was already the 14th Weekend League of FIFA 21 and there are currently no signs that the Dane should lose a game in the near future. The talented Red Bull Leipzig eSports player, who cannot participate in official matches due to his age of 14, continues to surprise all FIFA 21 fans thanks to his performance in the last Weekend League. Due to his young age, he cannot participate in official tournaments yet. That doesn't change the fact that the fourteen-year-old extended his record of winning Weekend League matches in a row to 420-0.

How to play

In the 14th Weekend League Anders showed that he can adapt to game changes after the new FIFA 21 patch was released this week. Especially the flexible use of his players' skills stood out. Before this Weekend League, the overhead kick was one of his strongest weapons in the game. Even though it has been removed, Anders still managed to get his usual haul of 30 wins this time around.

Aside from the goalie and defenders, Anders relies on pure offense in his current team. The attacking forces include Bruno Fernandes and Roberto Firmino in midfield, in front he plays with Kylian Mbappe and Christiano Ronaldo, and in the centre of attack are the two Brazilians Neymar and legend Pele. Fundamental in the Dane's game, he tries to get to the baseline or generally into the penalty area via the flank. He then passes the ball towards the penalty spot, from where he finishes. Otherwise, he tries to win the ball through an extremely efficient pressing and to get in front of the opponent's goal through a quick switch.

About the efficiency of his way of playing no one should doubt, if you look at the last game of this Weekend League. In this match Anders dominated his opponent in all aspects and won 7:0, scoring seven goals out of seven shots on goal.