Credit: Instagram : Anders Vejrgang

14-year-old Player undefeated in the Weekend League of FIFA 21

Many top players worldwide have been playing since the day FIFA 21 was released to get better and primarily to work out a good record in the Weekend League.

But of course, the prevailing motto for everyone is the more successful, the better. To be unbeaten in the Weekend League is almost an impossibility with 30 games.

A professional succeed now and then, but that is unthinkable for "normal people". Even the best players in the world dream of having 30 win out of the FUT Champions Weekend week after week - except for one. Because that's exactly what Anders Vejrgang, a 14-year-old Dane, managed to do.

At the latest, after the third Weekend League with a perfect record of 90/0 wins, the insiders and enthusiastic eSports fans became aware of Vejrgang and followed every game.

How soon will the series end? When does he finally have to lose? Many have asked themselves these questions since then, but so far in vain. Vejrgang wins and wins and maintained his streak even after seven weekend leagues with a record of 240 wins with no defeat. Meanwhile, over 200 opponents have tried their luck; all of them have failed.

However, Vejrgang is a repeat offender: Already at FIFA 19, he achieved several weekends with 30 wins; at that time, he was just twelve years old and thus set the record as the youngest player unbeaten in the Weekend League.

The hype about his person is no coincidence and has not escaped the Bundesliga football club's eSports department, RB Leipzig. They signed the young player in September, one month before the start of his insane series.

But what makes the boy so unique? Was he raised with the controller in the cradle? No! As he told the Bleacher Report portal in 2018, FIFA 11 was the first game in the series that he played - Vejrgang was five years old.

At that age, one or the other child will have had the gamepad in their hand, so we can't see a significant advantage here. He has been active in Ultimate Team and the Weekend League since 2017, so only a year before his first 30/0.

Even at that age, he won thousands of euros in prize money through FIFA tournaments, and his contract with Leipzig should certainly help Vejrgang focus more on his eSports career. In the meantime, it is starting as "RBLZ Anders".

Incidentally, he is not yet allowed to participate in the Virtual Bundesliga; participants must be at least 16 years old. Probably good news for his colleagues. Because even FIFA world champions “MoAuba” had to accept a 0: 6 and then a 0: 7 lost against “RBLZ Anders” at FIFA 21 within two weeks.

His Fut Team has a perfect balance and very well positioned. Cover stars Kylian Mbappe, Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, are on the offensive that many players would be happy to have a card.