What is the Volta Mode in FIFA 21?

Credit: ea.com

Volta means 'return' in Portuguese and this mode let you play FIFA players to the streets, away from the familiar big stadiums.

"For millions of people around the world, the streets are their stadium," said Volta producer Jeff Antwi

Check below how to play Volta Football.

1. Build your unique player

Gamers can create their unique player with a customised look, including hairstyles, clothing, tattoos and celebrations. 'Vanity items' are available to unlock.

There is an option to make a male or female character in a refreshing move, and teams can feature both genders.

2. Five different game types

There are three different game types, ranging from three on three to professional futsal.

  • 3v3
  • 4v4
  • 5v5

From FIFA21 online matches with your friends or anonymous is provided as a new structure. 

3. Play in a variety of locations

To provide an authentic experience of street football, many different arenas are available to play in London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and more.

FIFA 21 has added six new playgrounds to show various atmosphere to the player.

Step into the party atmosphere of São Paulo’s Downtown, bring out the flair on the concrete of a Milan street pitch, show off inside a stunning high-tech Dubai geodesic dome and more as you flaunt your skills in six brand new footballing playgrounds.

4. Play with official teams

As well as being able to create your player, Volta mode allows FIFA gamers to take control of any of the licensed teams in the game.

In FIFA 20, Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi decided the Goal at the undercage in London. This year, footballer Thierry Henry, Joan Felix, and more, but  Anthony Joshua and DJ DIPLO also show up on the street.

5. Volta story mode

While they have ditched 'The Journey' in FIFA 21, EA Sports have included a Volta story mode.

That involves guiding your unique avatar through the gritty world of street football.