What is ProClubs in FIFA 21?

Credit: easports.com

There are a lot of online modes in FIFA21. FIFA Ultimate Team, Career Mode, VOLTA Football, Division Rivals .....However, one of the modes that most people are not much interested in is the Pro Clubs.

Pro Clubs remains one of the most exciting yet underused game modes in FIFA, allowing you and a group of mates to get together as a team while controlling one player, creating a single-player, and taking them online a match with randoms. If you’re playing with friends, you can coordinate who should play where, what your system will be, and which traits you want to work on. In games with randoms, though, it can be a bit of a race to get to the right position.

If there would be 22 players in the game, you can feel like playing a real football game not on the green pitch but on your console or PC.

Let's see a video below.