What is a Walkout - and how you recognize it in FIFA 21

Credit: EA Sports

Many gamers were astonished after the first start of the Ultimate Team in FIFA 21. EA had rebuilt a lot in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Teams and SBCs, everything has a new place.


Also, the Pack Opening itself changed a lot. The many new cover stars, which can be seen on the packs, are not the only change. The way to recognise walkouts is new in FIFA 21, too. We show you what has changed and how you recognise a walkout in the latest FIFA game.


But first, we would like to explain to you what a walkout is. A walkout is a rare gold player, which has an overall rating of at least 86. The player appears in the animation of the packs wearing the outfit of your chosen FUT Club. Walkouts are not available with bronze or silver packs. If you do not want to spend real money on packs, you can trade them and generate coins in FIFA 21.


To save time at the Pack Opening, it is good to know when you can skip the long animation. Especially for non-rare players, this costs a lot of time to watch this animation. If there is no gold decoration on the goal at the beginning of the pack, you have not drawn a walkout.


If you have drawn one of the coveted gold players, golden lights and decorations will appear on the goal. Gold players in FIFA 21 have a rating of at least 83. Players with a rating from 83 to 85 are simple rare gold players with banners. To distinguish these players from a walkout, you have to pay attention to details. At the end of the player tunnel, you see a bar on the left and the right side. In simple gold players, these bars are coloured black.


Once you have drawn the jackpot and a walkout appears, three lights will illuminate at the beginning of the pack. If the third light from the left does not light up, you are lucky, and a walkout is about to come. As this is very hard to see, you have to pay full attention during the pack opening in FIFA 21.