This is what we can expect by the “Next-Generation Update”of FIFA 21

Credit: EA Sports

Just in time for the launch of the PS 5, EA released a "Next Generation Update" for FIFA 21. But gamers ask themselves. What can we expect from the new update? We will tell you.


Who wanted to play FIFA 21 on time for the launch of the PS5 had to do it with the PS4 version of the game. Including backwards compatibility. This will change on 04. December 2020. The update is free for all owners of FIFA 21.


About two weeks before the new version launch, we want to tell you what you can look forward to. Even if at the beginning, only players of consoles can access the update. PC gamers still have to be satisfied with the old version.

Focus on the graphics

One thing is already sure. The most significant changes will take place in the area of graphics. Gamers can especially look forward to more natural light and shadow effects. Also, 4K resolution and 60 frames per second are included in the update.


To make the players look natural in 4K, the game's look will be improved. Significantly the players' hair will be enhanced with the new update. The hair is now displayed with strands. This allows for more accurate colouring and animation when moving. This makes the players' hair looks much more natural.


Overall, EA would like to improve the game even more in detail with the update. So the game should look even more authentic. Besides the already mentioned hair, the muscles of the players are also in the foreground. By the "muscle deformation", the avatars' muscle parts should come out more during exertion. Thus, the gamers see more clearly than the players' muscles exert themselves and relax again, for example, when scoring a goal. But not only the players look more natural. The ball also reacts more naturally. It deforms when force is applied to the shooter and does not return to its original position until it is in flight.

New intro to a mach

But it is not only during the game that things change. Even before the game, gamers can look forward to changes such as a small intro video. This video shows how fans flock to the arena, and commentators are already discussing the game's importance.


Players who are not currently being controlled will receive smaller animations after the update. Leading players coach their teammates as they do in the real football game. Other players are taking care of their hairstyle or blowing their nose.

New Controller leads to more possiblites

Despite all the changes, the basic game mechanics of the game will be changeless. Especially player behaviour and ball physics remain the same as in the already released version of FIFA 21, even though the changes make the game look much more natural. Also, through the "Response Multi-Touch Animation”, gamers can fell a better gaming experience. Thanks to the new function, the virtual kickers can accept high balls seamlessly, stop them with their foot and successfully pass them on. The update also features a new camera perspective. The "EA Sports Game-Cam" shows a little more of the pitch so that the players will have a better overview of it.


With the new Dualsense-Controller, the game developers have unprecedented possibilities to adapt their title to the hardware. The PS5 gamepad creates a new kind of inversion. If the virtual kicker picks up a ball, the gamer feels it. Because his controller will vibrate either left or right, this depends on the foot with which the virtual footballer takes the ball. With the Dualsense, gamers can also feel how fit their players still are. The more exhausted a player is in the game, the more difficult it is to press the sprint button. This eliminates the need to check the fitness status display continuously. All these features can be turned off.


But FIFA 21 for the PS5 also has some weaknesses. The technical and gameplay adjustments do not allow crossplay. The programs of PS 4 and PS5 are too different. If you want to play against a friend using a PS4, you have to use your PS4. You can transfer server-based games like FIFA Ultimate Team independently from the console. Other data, such as those of the career mode, cannot be transferred.