The Weekend League Experience

My name is Nick and I have been part of the team for the last three months. Now that my internship ends this week and I'm going to continue with my studies, I thought I'd turn the tables. Lately I have mainly been following eFootball and doing research on it.
Now I want to finish up by having the experience of playing the Weekend League by myself.
About myself, when I was seven years old I got my first FIFA, FIFA 2004 for the PC. I started to play Ultimate Team at FIFA 13 and as we all know it was so addictive that it kept me playing for weeks, if not months, in the following years. But now the game has changed over the years, so that I last played the Weekend League in FIFA 20.
I just didn't feel like playing this now very "sweaty" game every weekend and possibly endangering my furniture by doing so.

In terms of performance, it actually didn't go too badly. At the end of the WL I was always between silver 1 and gold 2. Still, most of the time you never got any of the top players in the rewards that could generate a few coins. Besides the 50-70 Euro you had to pay for the game, plus the little bit for PlaystationPlus, I refused to put any more money into FIFA Points to keep up with the other teams.

So I don't enter the 26th Weekend League with a top team this time. It has to be said that I have played maybe only 120 games in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team before. My team is not one of the strongest teams with a value of 350.000 Coins according to, but it is definitely very solid and has its strengths.

The team


The 4-3-3 (3) formation seen is for chemistry only. In the game, I switch to the 4-2-2-2 formation. When it comes to tactics, I drop back on defense and on offense the default is balanced. During the game I never actually change anything in the settings.

Goalkeeper/ Defense:

Defensively, I went with the strength of "Hala Madrid". One reason for this was solely because I drafted Sergio Ramos (unchangeable). Otherwise Raphael Varane and Ferland Mendy are played by most FIFA players. Possibly because of their pace combined with good defensive values. In goal, I trust the Ukrainian goalkeeping talent Andriy Lunin (Future Stars).


In the defensive midfield, I put my faith in Fred (Manchester United) and Paulinho (Guangzhou Evergrande). At half-time I often substitute Alphonso Davies (FC Bayern) for Fred. On the attacking flanks, I play Raphinha on the right and Rodirgo Moreno (both Leeds United) on the left. Although, depending on the strength of the opposition, I'll bring on the lively Mitchell van Bergen (SC Heerenveen) for Rodrigo in the first few minutes.


The forward line is the showpiece of the team, and with my defensive weakness, all the more important to my game. Here, I'm relying on OP striker Marcus Rashford (ManUnited) and the rulebreakers card of Alex Teixeira (Jiangsu Suning).

My goal

My goal for the WL is to get double-digit wins, I think that's realistic. Whether it is enough for gold 3, I assume rather less, but would surprise me all the more. Mental goal is to feel as little aggression as possible :D

The Weekend League

Friday the 26.3, at 9:30, the experience "Weekend League in FIFA 21" started. Despite a solid start of three wins and three losses, I quickly realized that this would be my first and perhaps last Weekend League in FIFA 21.
Whether the opponent plays from the 60 minutes on with a one-goal-lead in the back on possession and parks 10 men in and at the own penalty area. Or if you have 12 shots on goal and the opponent has only 4, but wins 4:3 because of players like CR7, Mbappe or Neymar. All things that do not necessarily contribute to learning to love the Weekend League.
Friday ended with four defeats in a row. These were all fine due to the strength of my opponents.

On Saturday I started with little euphoria into the next matches due to the previous matches of Friday. Also on this day, the game wanted to give me a side blow and "gifted" me a 'disconnect' in the 75th minute while leading 2-1. Super.
Despite the gift of defeat, the day actually went quite well. I won four out of seven matches and had a total score of 7:10, which made me very happy.

On Sunday I got some help from a friend who is a bit better in FIFA 21 than I. With him, the goal to reach silver 1 should be feasible, with 13 matches left. We took turns playing half time after half time. With a friend who is used to the same dilemma from WL, the last games can be completed many better. The aggression doesn't have the same impact as playing alone. We were able to turn the negative balance we had so far into an even one when we played in pairs, so that I was 13:13 after 26 games. Of course, this also means that I would even play for a Gold rank in the last four games. Even Gold 2 (17 wins) was still possible.
I played the last matches in the night from Sunday to Monday and it was at least enough for the Gold 3 rank. My final score was 15:15.
For the fact that it was my first Weekend League in FIFA 21 I am very satisfied with the result.
Nevertheless the gameplay didn't excite me that much that I absolutely have to play 30 "sweaty" games again next weekend. The experience of the Weekend League remains an experience and doesn't become a must on the next weekends. It's definitely more fun to watch the "pros", such asFurky, sweat it out on the online platforms.
Sunday also showed me that gaming with one or more friends is definitely more fun than doing it alone.