Spain, England or Saudi-Arabia: More and more women are successful in FIFA

Credit: SCR Altlach

More and more young women are interested in esport and particularly in virtual football. In a scene that has been dominated for years by mostly young men, more and more women are becoming active. Even in Saudi-Arabia. After introducing you to German women who are involved in esport, we will now have a look at what women are engaged in international esport

Laura Morena

Also, outside of Germany, more and more women are becoming part of eSports teams or organisations. The first woman in Spain was Laura Morena. Under the gaming name LaurixGames, she has been active on Team DUX Gaming's virtual pitch since the end of 2019. She was able to convince so well that she became part of the Real Zaragoza team for the new season of the eLa Liga (the Spanish version of the VBL). In the future, she would also like to take part in international tournaments.


This is Laura:





Sandra Martinez

But Laura Morena is not the only woman in the eLa Liga. Sandra Martinez also goes on a virtual goal hunt. The 25-year-old gamer competes for SD Huesca.


For the young woman, it was quite surprising to be discovered by the scouts of SD Huesca. This gave her the unique opportunity to pursue her hobby professionally and compete in eLa Liga as one of two women and Laura Morean.


This is Sandra:



Katarina Vukoja


In Austria, Katarina "FIFAGirlKati" Vukoja has been stirring up the FIFA scene for some time now. With outstanding performances in the Weekend League, she could recommend herself for a place in the eBundesliga of Austria. She regularly achieved 26 victories from the 30 games played at the weekend. Now she holds the controller for SCR Altach in the eBundesliga in her hand. In the first year, FIFAGirlKati could reach 11th place with her colleagues. Lisa Manley.



Lisa Manely


Christian Fuchs is a professional footballer for Leicester City. Like other professional footballers, he has also founded his own eSports team. With NoFuchsGiven, he competes in the FIFA eClub World Cup, among others.


As one of the first in eSports, Christian Fuchs has brought a woman into his team. The Englishwoman Lisa Manely. She is also extremely talented in real football. But due to an injury, she had to leave real football behind for a while—the perfect time to improve her skills on the virtual pitch.


Fuchs noticed this too and promptly offered the young woman a place in his team. In addition to a place in the NoFuchsGiven team, the 20-year-old gamer has also managed to secure a place in the ePremier League. Manley goes on a virtual goal hunt for Fulham FC. Her knowledge of football from her playing days is of particular help.


Get to know Lisa:




Stephanie Luana da Silva Santos


Stephanie Luana da Silva Santos comes from Brazil. In the country where Neymar, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho were born, there are gifted footballers and talented gamers. Just like Stephanie. Under the gamer name Teca, she competes for the Future FC team. Together with the world champion "FIFA Ustun" and the Istraeli Roee Feldman, she represents the virtual pitch team.


As one of the few women, she works full-time as a FIFA gamer. She is to make the Future FC team better known, especially in South America. Together with her performance team and coach, she works on her FIFA skills every day.


See Stephanies new team:



Najid Fahd


The FIFA game is viral in Saudi Arabia. Since Abdulaziz Alshehri won the Grand Final in Munich in 2015, the game has become increasingly popular in the country, mostly because Mosaad Aldossary could bring the FIFA eWorld Cup country again in 2018.


But it is not men who are very successful in the FIFA game in Saudi Arabia. A woman can also boast success in professional gaming. Najid Fahd. With a commanding 8-0 victory in the final, she secured the FISU eSports Challenge women's tournament in FIFA 20.


Najd has been playing FIFA since she was seven years old. As she has ambitious goals, Najd spends more than an hour a day on the console to improve her skills. She wants to be the first woman to bring the FIFA eWorld Cup to Saudi Arabia. Also, she is determined to gain a place in the world rankings and take part in the FeWC qualifiers.


The experience gained at the FISU eSports Challenge women's tournament should also help her in this. She hopes to learn from the tournament that she can better withstand the high pressure.


With her eSports activity, she hopes for sporting success and wants to help other women and girls become active in virtual sports. Many of the women in her country have wrong ideas about sporting activities on the console. She opens that she can be an idol to many young women in her country by improving her success.


That's how good Najd FIFA skills are: