Rules of the transfers in the VPG and NGL



There are two transfer windows during a season (pre-season and return season). VPG Germany announces the period and the opening of the transfer window.

In each of the above-mentioned transfer windows, the player can change or leave his team or can be removed from the group by the team manager.

Within one season, a player can play for a maximum of three teams.


Three emergency transfers are possible per season period (first and second round). The release of the current team during the season is necessary. Without a release, only a transfer within the open transfer window is possible. The release is done by the granting manager contacting the league management with the VPG/PSN ID of the player via the Discord channel "#nottransfers". An emergency transfer must be completed 24 hours before the match day, otherwise, the transfer can't be completed. Fourteen days before the end of the season, no more emergency transfers can be concluded.


Free players are directly eligible to play upon registration and entry. This also applies within the current season.


When the transfer windows are closed, there is no chance to remove a player from the team.



The club manager and the team are responsible for their squad. They are obliged to pay attention to correctness and completeness.


There are two transfer windows in the league as well. The first window is before the season and the second after the first half of the season.

For own reasons, a player may leave his team or be removed from the team by the club manager within the open transfer windows.


A player may play for a maximum of two clubs in the NGL Pro Club leagues per season. Within a transfer window, a player can change once.

The club manager is obliged to mark a player as a free agent in the transfer window if the player wishes to do so.


Players can only transfer once between the first and second-team without an emergency transfer coming into effect. If a player wants to transfer, but the team denies him, the denying team will lose an emergency transfer. Available to each team are three emergency transfers, both in the outward/back round. Emergency transfers are not transferable. It can take up to 24 hours for the transfer to be processed.


All players playing for a Premiership team need clearance from their current club. Free Agents or players who play exclusively for a Series Club can transfer without clearance.