Road to Pro Clubs 21 - Episode 2: Progress and Community


Welcome to the second episode of our weekly series "Road to Pro Clubs". In this episode we look at the impact of progression on your game and the interaction on the court.

By now, playing Pro Clubs has become a real evening routine to clear your head after work/university. One of the main reasons for this is that achievements and progress are immediately noticeable, making the gameplay experience much more entertaining than it is in other modes.

After a few nights in the mode, the following can be seen: Regardless of my performance on the court, the "skill points" important to my pro's development can be earned by completing a certain number of games. This means that even if I have a bad day, my pro will continue to develop, which is great for me as a newbie. By comparison, working your way up in FUT takes a lot more time if you want to do it without in-game purchases.

Having played 20 games by now, I now have 40 skill points available to customize my pro according to my playing style. Since I personally get along well with agile and dribble-strong players, I distribute the lion's share of my skill points to agility, balance and special movements in order to be more variable with the ball at my feet. The rest goes to speed and stamina. To get the most out of my pro here, I'm looking to my 1.62cm tall and 50kg image in the future, which now seems even more agile and nimble to me.

Furthermore, four more versions can be created to be able to change the positions and the playing position. Since I mostly play on the "6" on the real turf, I adapt the next version accordingly. For my game in the Pro Clubs Team this means of course a complete change of the way of playing, which is a great challenge and brings variety.

Support on the field

If you think you're completely on your own in a game, you're wrong! In fact, during spontaneous games, you are immediately connected to your four teammates via the automatic in-game chat (as long as they are wearing a headset, which is true for the majority). It was a completely new experience for me to suddenly be in contact with like-minded people from all over the world and to give each other commands (mostly in English) or just to talk and fool around.

Here, once again, the idea of the cohesion of Pro Clubs becomes clear to me: Not only the support of the teammates through active actions on the pitch, but rather the interaction as a team through communication with each other makes the mode socially valuable for me and conveys exactly the values that real football has exemplified to us for generations. Sport connects. Whether on the pitch or in front of the console.

How exactly my in-game behaviour and that of my teammates affects the team success in Pro Clubs, you'll find out next week!