Road to Pro Clubs 21 - Episode 1: First Impressions in Mode


Welcome to the first episode of our Road to Pro Clubs series! In the following, we share with you the experiences of a Pro Clubs newcomer and go into all aspects of this special mode.


As a FIFA player coming from Ultimate Team, the incentive to develop your own Virtual Pro and compare it online with other players is the key point for me to explore this mode a bit more.


After giving my Pro his name and number, I don't want to wait longer and jump into the first game. First I notice that my Pro starts with an overall rating of 80, which has to be changed! So I select the menu item "Player Development" and feel like I'm being slain in the first moment. The 15 skill points, that are available from the beginning, are given to sprint speed (14) and movement (1), which only makes a minimal difference according to the general FIFA meta. This is the first time I notice the complexity of Pro Club because I can strengthen my Virtual Pro at a later time selectively as I need it for my game.


So I start my first spontaneous match (kind of like friendly matches in FUT) and end up in a lobby with nine other players, who are directly divided into two teams. I'm not competitive at this point, in fact, I'm overwhelmed to keep up with the pace of play of my teammates and opponents. But everything in its own time!

Personalize your Pro!

What's immediately noticeable: Almost every other player has a highly personalized Virtual Pro with fancy hairstyles and faces. There seems to be almost no limit to creativity, but my "challenge" is to make my Virtual Pro look as much like me as possible.


Satisfied with the result, I start into the next games, getting better and better in this mode. Especially the essential difference to FUT and other modes, that you only control your Virtual Pro and not the whole team, is quite hard to get used to at the beginning and triggers huge sportive ambition afterwards.


The beauty of this is that, in my view, it's the closest thing to a real football simulation so far: just like playing on the pitch in real life, you're trying to challenge for the ball, maintain runs and position, follow your instincts and contribute to success as part of the team.


Find out how progress affects your game and how the Pro Clubs community contributes to this special mode next week!