Pro Clubs for beginners: How to get started in Pro Clubs mode

Credit: EA Sport

Do you finally want to play together with your friends on the virtual pitch? No problem! The Pro Clubs mode offers you and your friends all the possibilities of real football - only in the FIFA Game. To help you and your team get started, we have some essential tips for you!


Train regularly


In contrast to the FUT mode, the best individual gamer does not win in Pro Clubs. Here, you have to work together! As a team! To get the team chemistry right, you need to train together regularly, just like a football team in real football. Training allows you to get to know your teammates' FIFA game better, to find out their strengths and weaknesses.


Tactics can also only be perfected through training. What runs does my partner prefer? How does my team-mate in central defence tick? How do we defend a corner as a team? These are all essential aspects, which have to be established in the Pro Clubs as they are in any Sunday league team. That's why regular training is the be-all and end-all of Pro Clubs. Because here it only works as a team and not alone!


Be a team player


The Pro Clubs mode is very different from the FUT mode. The most significant difference is: You're not alone on the pitch. If you prefer endless selfish dribblings or tactical tricks with your FIFA players, you are wrong in Pro Clubs! These are just as annoying in Pro Clubs as in the Sunday league team! In Pro Clubs, it's not about showing what skills you have in the FIFA game. The victory with the team is the goal! Every player has a vital role in the team!


As a goalkeeper in Pro Clubs, it's not your job to show your opponents what skill moves you can do. You are the Manuel Neuer of the team! It's up to you to be the back up of the team! The best way to do this is to focus on what's important and make the opponent's strikers despair with your saves.


Communication is important


Communication on the pitch is essential! If you want to succeed in Pro Clubs, you need a headset with a microphone. Anyone who has played football in the county league knows how important it is to communicate with your teammates. The same goes for the Pro Clubs mode!


To avoid chaos in communication, you must urgently determine who gives instructions and when! If all 11 players talk wildly, it leads to absolute chaos! Appoint a captain in your team. The captain should speak clearly about all the critical aspects of the game! This way, you avoid confusion in communication, and every player knows what to do.


Concentrate during the whole game


You must always be entirely focused on the game, even if the action is happening far away from your area of activity. This is especially true for goalkeepers. In Pro Clubs, things can go from one side to the other in a matter of seconds.


If you miss the connection, you can miss critical virtual meters on the ball sooner than the opponent! Put your phone aside during the game and postpone your dinner until after the game! Only with full focus on the game can you help your team in the Pro Clubs.