How to qualify for weekend league in FIFA21?


You have your own FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), but it´s still disabled to get into the FUT weekend league. How?

To cut a long story short, play Division Rivals as much as you can and collect 2000 Fut Champions Point.

Does sound easy, doesn't it?

Let's see the details.

Collect FUT Champions Points.

Division Rivals are the qualification part for the FUT Champs Weekend League. You need to earn 2,000 FUT Champion Points to qualify for a Weekend League. Wins will give you the most FUT Champ Points, while a loss will provide you with the least. Your points are carried over to the next weekly round until you make 2,000 and register for a Weekend League.

Below is the list of FUT Champions Points rewards based on the Division and Ranking:

Rank I075037524019510080602520
Rank II050025016013050403000
Rank III500250125806500000
Rank IV25000000000 

Multiplier Points25.
Points per Win50025012580655040302520
Points per Draw200100503226201612108
Points per Loss100502416149866



Once you collected 2,000 FUT Champ points, you are available to participate in the weekend league. Keep that in mind if you keep your qualification to register for a later Weekend League than the current or coming one. Your next FUT Champ points won’t be added or marked as new qualification points until you register for the previous qualification.