How to make your Virtual Pro better in FIFA Pro Clubs

Credit: EA Sport

Do you want to get to the top with your Pro Clubs team? Do you want to help with your Pro? Then you should make sure that you develop your Pro Clubs avatar as fast and as well as possible.

While gamers of the FUT mode can quickly build a better team by spending money, Pro Clubs lovers have to work hard to get more vital stats for their virtual kickers.

To develop your Pro, you need one thing above all else:


Satisfactory performance on the court!


Just like in real football, this is the best way to improve yourself and your virtual player. You should always make sure to get good scores in matches. You can achieve this through good team play. Stay mostly true to your position in the game. It will hurt your rating if you lurk in front of the opponent's goal for 90 minutes as a central defender. Of course, your actions during the match will also be taken into account in your rating. Many duels won, a goal scored or a save on the line. These are all criteria that help to get a better grade.


This way, you can raise your pro's values little by little—the better the performance, the bigger the changes. Even if your pro learns and develops quickly initially, it will only improve slowly at a later stage.


It is also crucial that you regularly collect skill points. You get them when you play league and cup matches with your team. The unique thing about this is that you can distribute the points as you like. You should always make sure to strengthen the needed strengths of your position. For example, a defender needs strong duel values. A striker, on the other hand, needs to improve his speed and to shoot quickly.