How to build a good Wingback in ProClub

Credit: S5 Elite Bomber via Facebook

Whether David Alaba, Achraf Hakimi or Phillip Lahm. The position of the Wing-back has become more and more critical in recent years. Some people fill the position with full focus on the defence, like Phillip Lahm. Others feel a much more offensive urge, like Alphonso Davies from FC Bayern Munich. Like in real football, the full-back position has become critical in the ProClub in recent years.



Should you`r player be more like Phillip Lahm or Alphonso Davies?

We will show you how to build your avatar according to your playing style. If you want to revitalise the team's offensive game with your player, you should give your character a tiny body size. The ideal is a height of only 1.60 cm at 45 kilograms. To get the ideal attributes for your offensive role, you should not give your avatar the defender's position but the striker's position. As a role, you give your avatar the middle position. In this way, you will receive optimal values in the areas of dribbling, acceleration and agility.


The disadvantage is that your avatar is not well equipped for duels and headers. These attributes are essential for defensive players. If your team focuses on defensive outfielders, you have to build your avatar differently. To be successful in headers, you should choose a height of 1.72 cm. You keep a weight of 45 kg. But now select the position defender with the side of your choice. In this way, you will achieve a better duel style, a higher level of aggression, and your player's better passing ability.


Now you can continue with the distribution of skill points. It does not matter which of the listed variants you have chosen. Give your player 4 points for speed, defence and passing. Spend the remaining 3 points on dribbling. In the following skill points, you focus on speed. In your player's further development, you always have to ask yourself if you want to focus more on offensive attributes or defensive values.