How to build a good striker in ProClub

Credit: S5 Elite Bomber

To win in a game in FIFA, you need one thing in particular. Goals. And, of course, the right types of players to score them. The strikers have a unique role in this. They act at the highest point in the game. Players like Robert Lewandowski or Mohamed Salah have often saved essential points for their team's thanks to their goals. Like in real football, it is also crucial in ProClub that the strikers fit into your team's playing system. We show you how to build your striker in the best way, according to the team tactics.


In FIFA 21, skills are more critical than in FIFA 20, and duels are also crucial for strikers. To be able to assert yourself against the defenders, you should build your striker small and agile. The focus should be on speed and the finish. This way, you can successfully run away from all defenders and then successfully overcome the goalkeeper.


So, give your striker only a height of 1.62 meters. A weight of 54 kg is ideal. With this weight, you will significantly push the acceleration (86), the reaction (88) and the sprint speed (85) of your ProClub character.


In the gameplay section, you give your player the position striker and the central role. This way, you also push the speed and finishing strength of your player. Which foot is set as the strong foot is not important. Here everyone can choose his favourite foot.


Now it is time to distribute the first skill points. It would be best if you discussed the tactics with your team before you give the points away. Do you want a player who is actively involved in the game or a striker waiting for counterattacks? This tactical decision is vital for the distribution of points.


If you decide on somebody who is more waiting for counterattacks, you have to make the player especially fast. Use all your points for speed. In the further course of the distribution of points, you have to pay special attention to the finishing area so that the striker can score goals. During the game period, pay special attention to the skill values and the attacker's weak foot. As mentioned at the beginning, skills are critical in FIFA 21.


In contrast, a striker who plays along needs more balanced values. If you want your striker to be more involved in the team's game, you should give him 4 points in acceleration. Also, give him 4-speed points. For ball control and dribbling, you should use 6 points each. To create a successful completion, you divide 5 points in completion and shooting power. During the game, you should perfect the finish. This way, even the weak foot can be upgraded to 4 stars.


With these tips, you can build a successful striker for your team. When developing your character, always pay attention to your team's playing style so that you can integrate yourself entirely into the team.