How to be successful in FIFA 21

Credit: EA-Sports

The best young players

Don't bet directly on the big stars of this stage initially, but instead focus on the junior tier. This way, you'll not only save a large amount of money, especially in the beginning, but you'll also be able to prove your ambition by getting the best out of your players yourself. With the right guidance, you can develop your players' skills and turn them into stars as well. If you get a reasonable transfer fee when your young stars leave, you can use it to buy notable stars and thus improve from game to game.

Have the courage to sign unknown young players.


You can get these players with a small budget, and they promise a high potential to bring you and your team to success:


Storm: Wahid Faghir, Ivan Azon, Liam Delap

Midfield: Danny Leyva, Luka Sucic, Santiago Cartagena

Defence: Bright Arrey-Mbi, Chadi Riad, Emin Bayram

Goal: Gavin Bazunu, Lino Kasten, Lucas Chevalier

Improve career mode

To give your career a boost, you should pay special attention to these aspects:


- continuously improve the fitness of your players

- pay attention to the needs and satisfaction of your players

- communicate with each other

- praise your players in interviews

- challenge your players through regular training sessions