How to avoid the most common mistakes in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Credit: EA Sports

FIFA Ulitmate Team has been the most popular discipline in the FIFA Game for many years. So also, in FIFA 21. Gamers create a lot of passion and often several hundred Euros, their dream team in FIFA. To be successful in FUT mode, you should avoid unnecessary mistakes. We show you what they are and how you can prevent them.

1. Placement Matches

Do not start the placement matches with your first eleven players. The first five matches are one of the most important of the whole season. The success in these matches decides your starting capital and your entry ranking.


So make sure you already own a powerful team when playing these matches.


First, you should earn enough coins by playing offline matches to build up a better team after you start the placement matches.

2. Do not sell players in a hurry

If you have bad luck at the Packs Opening, do not sell all your players for little money right away. The player prices can multiply on the transfer market within a short time. A 5-fold increase in value within two weeks is not rare.

3. Use squad-buidling challenges

Another reason why you should not sell unusable pack players prematurely is the Squad Building Challenges. With these challenges, you can generate packs, coins, and unique player cards. It would be best if you did the SBCs as early as possible. Because through them you can easily earn up to 100.000 Coins. Through changing events also exciting special cards can be unlocked by SBC.

4. Buy players at the right moment

Do not spend your hard-earned coins so easily. Pay special attention to chemistry styles for your newcomers. This way, you can save many coins. Also, look out for cheap OP players who currently play above their values. If you buy and sell these players at the right time, you can make a significant profit.