How to avoid the connection problems ?


There are a couple of problems that you could encounter while playing FIFA21. Annoying Lags, Disconnections and Pings that are too high. To find out if it's the fault of EA servers, they offer now a tool called the EA Connection Quality Report. With this tool, FIFA players can check the internet connection and possible causes of problems.

How it works: After you log into the official Website with your FIFA-data (via EA), you can see the quality of your connection.

- over 95 points = very good connection

- 80 to 94 points = good connection

- 65 to 79 points = acceptable connection

- 0 to 64 points = weak connection

If you can only get an 'acceptable' or a 'weak' connection, you should probably change your network settings. So you can avoid problems with your connection while playing FIFA.

History of the last games? You can even see under 'Your Game Balance' the history of connection problems or quality in your Online matches.

How to improve your connection? Go to the settings and activate 'Connection Overview'. That way, you can see an icon while playing that shows you if you got problems with your connection. So you can act immediately if it happens to show often and change your network settings.

A few Tipps from EA

1) Change the WIFI band

2) Use an Ethernet cable

3) Check the router's firmware

4) Do not use VPN

5) To set port forwarding