How does a ProClubs team work behind the scenes?

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Last time we asked around the individual teams and dealt with theTraining of a ProClubs team. Today, we want to take a look at what goes on in the background of a team. Who takes care of the organizational side of things outside of the team? How does a ProClubs team function behind the scenes? This is the question we want to clarify with today's blog.

First, we asked the teams what roles are filled in their club.
In doing so, different feedback came back. While most teams split the duties between the club managers, there was also feedback that you have a dedicated caster specifically for streaming your games.
The tasks that are split between the individual club managers include recruiting, sponsor meetings, marketing or analysis of games or training sessions. Of course, this also includes the maintenance of social media.

Now we want to look at the tasks of the roles just mentioned in a ProClubs team. In doing so, we'll look at a team's approach to game day.
Some teams start their game day routine several days in advance. The club managers take care of the opponent analysis and the analysis of the previous match. These are then used as a basis for the following training sessions.
Simple via WhatsApp message, the tactical instructions are sent from the coach to the team group and internalized by the players for the upcoming match.
To get the fans hyped up for the match day on social media, the social media team uploads pre-match reports, stream announcement or line-ups/ squads a day before or on the match day itself. Then the match report is written as well as the match summary and then posted on social media.
After that, the analysis for the next match day starts again.

Communication & Contact

When it comes to the communication platforms of each team, everyone there favors the same. They use the full range of bands from 'Playstationparty' and 'Discord' during training or match days to the app 'Spielerplus' for coordinating the team. Beyond that, the basics are discussed in the 'WhatsApp' group.
One team even used the Microsoft 'Teams' platform to hold their Christmas party, at least virtually.

While we're on the subject of celebrations, let's move on to the general social contact of the teams in the form of meetings with the entire team on site.
For some teams, this is a rather minor problem because their entire team is from the region. For other teams, this is a little more difficult because the team lives all over Germany. The Covid- 19 pandemic doesn't necessarily make it easier to have a barbecue or something similar. On the one hand this is of course a hurdle regarding a common meeting. On the other hand, it shows what is special about ProClubs. The mode knows no local or spatial boundaries.

Finally, we wanted to know to what extent a ProClubs team, or eSports department, is in contact with the other departments (if any) of the club.
The feedback we received was that there is a constant exchange between the individual club managers and that this is a building block for successful cooperation. Of course, it is hoped that the current contact, which only works via WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom, can be further expanded in the future at normal meetings.

We would like to thank the individual club managers who supported us in our survey! See you soon!