How do I create my own ProClubs team?


Did you like the FIFA ProClubs EU Masters at the beginning of February? Have you got the desire to play ProClubs too?
We show you how fast you can create your own ProClubs team.

Who knows? Maybe we will see you at the next tournament of our platform.

It's as simple as that:

Start FIFA on the computer or console of your choice and go to the "Online" bar on the menu. Select "ProClubs".

You can then choose between "My Pro", "Club", "Manage", or "Leaderboard" in the bar. Here you go to the "Club" and then select "Create club".

Now you can choose your club name, stadium, comment name & jerseys.

If you select "Jersey & Crest", you can create your jersey and crest for your team. Otherwise, you can also choose an existing jersey and crest.

Once you have created your club, you are ready to go.

Now only the teammates are missing.
You can request or invite them by clicking on "Manage" in the top bar and then on "Transfers". You can then manage your requests from other coaches or invite new players to your club.

We hope we could give you a little overview of creating a ProClubs team! Have fun and good luck with the future path of your team!