Gambling or not? The FIFA Ultimate Team mode is criticized from time to time!

Credit: EA Sports

It's a debate that always comes up again and again. Is the FIFA Ultimate Team mode gambling or not? In the Netherlands, the courts see the question clearly: According to them, the FIFA Ultimate Team mode violates the gambling law because the contents of the packs cannot be determined or influenced, and some of the cards have a high value and are traded.


First stars renounce the use of real money

In Germany, voices keep coming up that the FUT mode has to be seen as gambling. Even stars of the scene defend themselves more often against the Pay to Win system of EA Sports. The FIFA pro Tim Latka from Schalke 04 has announced that he doesn't want to invest real money in FIFA 21.


EA does not see gambling in FUT mode

Of course, EA Sports views that issue differently. For example, former EA Sports executive Peter Moore. According to him, the FUT mode can be compared to collecting football stickers. The feeling of uncertainty would be a wonderful thing that people would love.


In FIFA 21, packs are one of the main components of the game. The packs can be bought with the in-game currency Coins. But also with FIFA Points, which have to be purchased with real money. The more FIFA Point gamers invest, the higher is the chance to get good players in his FUT team.


Many FIFA pros invest many thousands of euros in their team to get the best players in their group. So there is a significant disadvantage for gamers who don't put any or only some real money into FIFA Points, especially in the Weekend League. The chance to get stars like Messi or Ronaldo in the team is meagre. And every experienced gamer knows how hard it is to compete with an average FUT against a team full of top stars.