Football for all. The Pro Clubs knows no gender

Credit: FC ST. Pauli

What is hardly imaginable in real football can be implemented relatively easily in Pro Clubs. Women and men play football together in one team during a league match. In classic football, women can hardly prevail against men. The physical differences are too significant!


But in Pro Clubs, none of this matters. On the virtual football field, equal opportunities prevail for all. Women are not inferior to men in reaction time, concentration or fine motor skills. Mixed teams are, therefore, no problem at all in Pro Clubs! Nevertheless, women are still the absolute exception in the Pro Clubs scene. The teams are still strongly dominated by men.


One of the few prominent exceptions is Jessica Niebel from FC ST. Pauli. The young gamer leads the Pro Clubs team of the "Kiezkicker". In this way, FC ST. Pauli and Jessica Niebel are sending an essential signal for diversity in eSports, especially in the Pro Clubs area.


The Pro Clubs mode gives us all the chance to be part of a team TOGETHER. To celebrate exciting successes together or to be angry about defeats. Discussing the best tactics together and then implementing them together on the field.


In real sports, women and men rarely get to experience all of this together on a team field. In Pro Clubs, it doesn't matter how fast you can run or how many muscles you have. Everyone is equal. No one has to be excluded because of their gender. Whether you're a man or a woman at the controller, everyone has the same opportunities. Even in team competitions like the Pro Clubs!


Through Pro Clubs, women can play football in the same league as men and prove to everyone who the better players are. Without physical disadvantages like in the real world! Because at the controller we all have the same conditions!