FIFA is overshadowed by other eSport titles – the ProClubs mode could change that!

Credit: S5 Elite Bomber

FIFA, as an eSport, is also becoming more and more popular in Germany. More and more clubs from real football are getting involved in electronic football. Nevertheless, the FIFA scene is still lagging far behind other eSport titles. But what can be the reason for that?


FIFA is very popular worldwide


FIFA is one of the most popular games - not only in Germany! The soccer simulation by EA has a loyal - if not always satisfied - community worldwide! Top conditions to get started in the eSport scene. EA has recognised this and wants to establish FIFA in the eSport scene.


Other games are much more professional


Currently, other titles are much more professional. Games like Dota 2 or Fortnite are far ahead of FIFA in terms of professionalisation. This is shown not least by the prize money. In the important tournaments in Dota 2 or Fortnite, double-digit millions in prize money await the winners. Sums that FIFA gamers can only dream of.


The FIFA game has some advantages, but it doesn't use them!


Even if FIFA has its advantages over the titles, the scene still does not manage to become a serious competitor to the big eSport games. As everybody knows, the FIFA Game is based on real football. A game that is known worldwide. Therefore the rules of the FIFA Game are self-explanatory for gamers. Unlike in complicated strategy games, gamers don't have to learn new in-game rules in FIFA. Almost everyone knows when there is a penalty kick or a corner in football!


Due to the worldwide football enthusiasm FIFA has another advantage in the gaming scene! Famous faces are ready to promote FIFA as a matter, of course. Diogo Jota from Liverpool FC, for example, regularly inspires in the Weekend League. Also, more and more clubs are getting involved in FIFA eSports is an immense advantage for the football simulation! If the idols and the favourite club are active in the scene, more young people can be inspired by the game.


Even the much-criticized FIFA Ultimate Team mode is a real advantage for the FIFA Game in eSports. Although the FUT mode regularly drives FIFA gamers crazy, well-known streamers can often welcome more than 10,000 people in their streams.


Too dependent on technology - Pro Clubs could change this


Despite all these advantages, the FIFA scene fails to keep up with Fortnite and co. One criticism of this is FIFA's gameplay. EA tries to make the game as realistic as possible to real football. This includes the random factor, which is present in real sports! Too many of these random factors make the game unbalanced. This prevents the perfection of the game mechanics.


But one of the biggest arguments why FIFA is not yet in the big eSports scene is its dependence on technology! In the popular FUT mode, the gamer only controls the player on the ball. The rest of the team is controlled by technology. This makes the game predictable and often boring for spectators. Because real emotions like in real football hardly arise!


But this problem could be solved quite easily. A mode that is still unknown in the FIFA mode is the Pro Clubs mode. Here 11 gamers play in a team against 11 other gamers! A real human controls every virtual kicker!


The game becomes so much more alive. Unforeseen mistakes can happen, which give the game a whole new direction. The gamers have to work as a team and can only be successful together! Real team spirit is required. Emotions can be evoked just like on the actual football pitch. For the fans, this is more interesting than just watching a gamer gamble!


Pro Clubs is football! Just! Digital! And real football has succeeded in touching people's emotions week after week for years. Why shouldn't this also be possible in digital football with the help of ProClubs?