FIFA 21 - Shoot penalties and keep penalty kicks safe!


You will have to take penalties at some point during the game or save a penalty that is whistled against you. An outstanding opportunity to score a goal when you take the penalty. Precision pays off in the penalty shootout.

But how do you have the best chance of saving a penalty kick? Here we'll show you how you can take a penalty kick with the highest probability of scoring a goal. You'll also find the best ways to save a penalty kick here.


Converting penalties safely

There is hardly a better opportunity than a penalty kick. Only the goalkeeper stands in your way, and you can take your time to decide which corner to sink the ball into. But you must be able to handle the pressure, depending on the game situation.


The crucial question is: How can I convert the penalty kick? Here it would help if you aimed the crosshairs in the desired area. Penalty kicks are similar to free kicks, only there is no spin control. You can move the crosshairs until the last second, but there is a risk of missing the shot. It would be best if you didn't gamble on a penalty kick, as it's too good an opportunity to score a goal for that.


You have to pay attention to the following:

1. the crosshairs determine the shot's height so that you can aim at any spot with the left stick on the controller.

2) As already mentioned, the crosshairs can be moved for a long time. It would help if you had a steady hand to avoid failure.

3) The precision is determined by the strength of the shot. You can see the strength of the shot by looking at the circle. The longer you hold down the shoot button, the more influential the shot will be. A more powerful shot is executed with more risk than a weaker shot. A softer shot will give the goalkeeper a better chance of saving the penalty, so shoot it accurately! You can practice taking the penalty kick in the training arena.


You have several options to take the penalty kick. With the help of the trigger, you can regulate the speed of the run-up. If you hold the left trigger, the player is slower and with the right trigger faster. A slow run-up can irritate the goalkeeper but lowers the shooting power. Conversely, a fast run-up increases the power of the shot but reduces the precision.


With the left shoulder button of your controller, you can perform a lob. A lob does not make the goalkeeper look good. However, you should only execute the lob when you are high in the lead and not when the score is 1-1 in the 90th minute!

With the right shoulder button, you shoot the ball with spin, which is the more dangerous execution.


The player's quality also plays a role because the player's values affect the precision and shooting strength. Also, the fitness of the players plays a role, if the players are exhausted, the shot becomes less accurate. Therefore, it is always good to have a penalty specialist in your ranks.

Hold a penalty kick with your goalkeeper

It can always happen that a penalty is whistled against you. You need to know that there is no method to save a penalty 100% of the time. You need to send your goalkeeper into the right corner, and that requires a bit of luck. It doesn't hurt to have a good goalkeeper. The basic movements are to make the goalkeeper run around the goal line with the left stick on the controller, while you select the direction you want to jump with the right stick.


Goalkeepers have special moves, whether they bring something can be questioned:

Square/X: The goalkeeper gives the matador an imaginary red cloth.

Circle/B: The goalkeeper points into a corner of the goal

Triangle/Y: The goalie does the jumping jack

X/A: The goalie does the jumping jacks

In the end, luck decides whether you can parry the penalty!


How to practice taking penalties

If you practice a lot, you'll get better at taking penalties. Fifa gives you two ways to practice taking penalties outside of the game. You can practice your skills in the skill games or the training arena.

Skill Games: On the home page of the game, you will find the skill games, and in the main menu of the skill games, the penalties are in the shooting category.

Training Arena: In the training arena, you run into the penalty area with the player and press the D-pad to take a penalty kick. This allows you to practice taking penalties against an artificially intelligent goalkeeper.