FIFA 21: How to play the best defence

Credit: EA Sports

What does Huub Stevens always say? The zero must stand!

It's not just up to the strikers alone whether you win or lose a game. It's just as important to be able to rely on your defence.

Here are some helpful tips on how to back up your goalkeeper.




First of all, it is vital to have two strong CDM in your ranks. To clarify that their primary task should be in the defensive midfield, set them the function "block pass routes".

Also, the left and right defender should stay behind when the own team is attacking.


Ball capture:

For this, you must develop a view of the entire pitch. Do not offer your opponent any free space. Be wide-awake and anticipate the next move or dangerous finish.

Suppose you are close enough to your opponent, press "square" to take the ball from him or her. Once you have successfully won the ball, use the jockey function by pressing L2/LT. This is the best way to keep your opponents at a distance.



Put the opponent under pressure by actively going one-on-one. In a physical duel, you can assert yourself with the Body Challenge L2/LT. Also, request help from a teammate by pressing the right "shoulder button". You can switch the view to another defender by pressing the "button".

In tricky situations, sometimes the only thing that helps is a tackle or straddle. This can be done with the help of the "shoot button".

The most important keyword here is Timing! Wait for the right moment and only then press the respective executions.



The tactics are, of course, based on the course of the game. If you are behind with your team, use the function "Everywhere on possession side" and "Team pressing". However, if you are in the lead, the function "Striker drops back" will be advantageous.



Try the function in your own game. And remember: Practice makes perfect! The more you use the functions, the better you will get a feeling for which function is most effective at which time.