Fabienne Morlok, Lena Güldenpfennig or Anne Klink. More and more womean appering in the German FIFA Scene

Credit: FOKUS Clan via zurich.de

Fabienne Morlok showed it to everyone at the Eligella Cup. The young woman from Stuttgart led her male competitors one by one in the FIFA game. But Fabienne is by no means the only young woman competing with men in FIFA gaming. In a scene that has been dominated for years by mostly young men, more and more women are becoming active. We introduce you to the women who give the men in the FIFA Game a run for their money.

Fabienne Morlok

Does Germany has a new FIFA Star? A young woman from Stuttgart is on the best way to. Fabienne Morlok has been active on the console for the FOKUS Clan since October 2020. Alongside male stars of the scene, such as Mohammed 'MoAuba' Harkous, she is shaking up the FIFA world.


So she did recently at the Eligella Cup. At the tournament, which is regularly organised by Hertha BSC's gamer Elias Nerlich, Fabienne was able to steal the show from the scene's male stars. The tournament, where 2,000 EUR price money are waiting for the winner, appeals not only to professional gamers but also to content creators.


NoHandGaming, Wakez and Sidney Eweka, all well-known names from the gaming scene, had to admit defeat to Fabienne. Even the content creator from Borussia Dortmund and FeelFIFA Erne had no chance against the young gamer from Stuttgart when they faced the tournament's group stage.

In the quarter-finals, streamer Pain was waiting for Fabienne. He, too, had no chance against Fabienne. Pain loses 2-3 after the first and second leg. In the final, FeelFIFAs Erne gets an opportunity to take revenge over the lost in the group stage again, Fabienne. And Erne, one of the most famous faces of the German FIFA scene, took his chance for revenge and won the first leg 1-5. But, Fabienne was unimpressed by the result. Things went way better for her in the second leg, but still, one goal was missing for the draw. With an overall score of 5-6 in the final, Erne was able to win the tournament.


Even though it was not quite enough to win the Eligella Cup in the end, Fabienne has earned a lot of respect in the community. The strengths of her game are, above all, in the defence. She has been playing FIFA regularly for almost 3.5 years. Usually, the young FIFA talent remains ice-cold, especially during the game. No matter whether she scores a goal or has to concede one. She remains outwardly calm during the game.


Despite losing the final, she can be happy about the 500 EUR prize money. And the attention of a vast community. Up to 54,000 viewers watch Fabienne's performance in the Eligella Cup live on Elias Nerlich's channel. And that will certainly not be the last time she confronts her male gamer colleagues with problems in the FIFA game on a big stage.


This is Fabienne: 


Lena Güldenpfennig


Another german female FIFA talent is Lena Güldenpfennig. She even was able to get a place in the VBL squad of top team RB Leipzig. Lena is the first woman ever to receive a contract as a gamer with a virtual Bundesliga team. She has been part of the newly formed team since this season. Together with her male colleagues Richard Hormes (27) and Umut Gültekin (17), she represents RB on the virtual pitch.


She is to support the team mainly in the double’s duels. Lena hopes to further improve her skills in the game, especially by training with the scene's stars. Even though her teammates usually still win against her, she is getting better and better and has already had her first successes in training. The fact that there are no public records of her games gives Lena hope for a successful start in the VBL. The opponents cannot judge her at the beginning because nobody knows her style of play.


The young woman is a full-time educator and is also talented in real football. Lena plays as a midfielder in the women's team of RB Leipzig. In addition to success in the game, she hopes that her participation in the VBL will inspire other young women to participate in eSports. For Lena, the great thing about digital sports is that there are no differences between men and women.


Get to know Lena and her team


Anne Klink


But Lena Güldenpfennig is not the only woman who is currently active in the VBL. Anne Klink is also competing in the digital Bundesliga. She plays for Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Like her colleague from Leipzig, she also represents her club on the real pitch. Anne is the goalkeeper in the Bayer 04 Leverkusen women's team.


Anne sees clear parallels between digital and real sport. She can't lose on either the real or the digital pitch. She also sees similarities in the basic tactical orientation. In both real and digital football, she prefers the 4 - 4 - 2 system.


She also hopes that her involvement in the VBL will inspire other women to take up eSports. Anne even sees a clear trend that more and more girls are showing interest in the FIFA game. She got into FIFA through her brother. She played her first FIFA duels against her brother and always improved. Later, gaming was more of a distraction from everyday life for the young woman. Now, Anne has managed to turn her hobby into a profession and now represents Bayer 04 Leverkusen in the VBL.