eSports is still not a sport! But what would recognition provide?

The great coalition had promised to recognise electronic sports as a sport. But nothing had happened in that regard so far - and it doesn't look like anything will change in the future either. However, there is no lack of prominent advocates.


For more than three years now, experts in political Berlin have been discussing eSports' recognition as a sport. But even though there are many notable advocates for it in German politics, such as Dorothee Bär, there are also noteworthy opponents. Especially the German Olympic Sports Confederation is against it.


But what would be the point of eSports at all if it were to be recognised as a sport before the law? The answer is obvious: a lot of funding! If eSports is recognised as a real sport, it can be financially supported, just like traditional sports. Even if the Federal Ministry of the Interior says eSports projects can currently be funded through statutory purposes such as youth work, clubs with an eSports department are taking a high risk. As long as eSports is not recognised as a sport, the clubs with an eSports department risk the entire club's non-profit status.


This would make it easier for famous sports clubs to set up an eSports division once recognised. Currently, this is not easily possible without putting the non-profit status of the entire club at risk! Thus, introducing an eSports department next to the district league team can be expensive for many amateur clubs! It is a horror scenario for the amateur sports industry, which is already struggling financially due to the Corona crisis!


eSport is, meanwhile, much more than only senseless video gaming of lazy young people. Electronic sport has arrived in our society. With a competition thought, that many athletes already show every Sunday at the football pitch in the nation show. Recognition as a sport can help the whole scene to become more professional!