eSports events in large arenas? Still a long way off in Germany, soon a reality in Toronto

Credit: EA Sport

eSports in a big stadium? For many, it's hard to imagine paying admission to an event to watch others gamble. But why shouldn't it be possible to do in virtual sports what has been happening in real sports week after week for years? Unless there's a worldwide pandemic, of course!


In Toronto, Overactive Media is now planning to build a brand new eSports arena. At the cost of $500 million. Overactive Media are the Toronto Defiant owners, an Overwatch League team that competes in the COD League!


The arena is scheduled to be completed in 2025. Then, up to 7,000 eSport fans should be able to watch their idols live while gaming. The new eSport temple will be developed especially for gaming events. Even if the alignment to classical concert or theatre halls hardly changes. The spectators also sit in a semicircle in front of the gamers and can thus follow the action on the screens from every angle as best as possible.


In Germany, such development is currently hardly imaginable. Even without Corona, hardly any German eSport organisation could finance such a project. Nevertheless, it is essential to promote eSports and its events. Because only in this way can the digital sport be professionalised further and further. The right infrastructure is an important point!


By investing in the new eSports arena, Toronto is getting ready to become a new eSports hotspot in 2025! Hopefully, large events will be possible again by then!