Duties of the captain in the Pro Clubs

Credit: S5 Elite Bomber

Pro Clubs is a lot like real football. Just like good teamwork and the right tactics, every football team needs a leader on the field! This is also the case in Pro Clubs. The captain plays just as significant a role in virtual football as he does in real football.


You can recognise the virtual leader by the "C" next to his name. The leader of a team has several important tasks in Pro Clubs. For example, he is the one who releases the match on behalf of his team and can thus start a game.


But the captain of a Pro Clubs team also has several tasks when it comes to playing the game. The leader displays the chosen tactics on his screen. Do you want to play full offensive or park the team bus in front of the goal? Do you want to play an offside trap, or do you want to attack the opponent early with aggressive pressing? These are all questions that the captain has to answer.