Can I transfer my Virtual Pro progress to other platforms?

Credit: S5 Elite Bomber

You got lucky and finally got hold of the new Playstation 5? Congratulations. Now, of course, you'll want to take your old Pro from the PS 4 to the new console. Unfortunately, you can't do that 100% of the time. What you can still save on your Pro when changing the console, we tell you here.


You can transfer the progress of your Virtual Pro partly. But you only have this possibility if you play the same FIFA 21 version. If you have the PlayStation 4 version of FIFA 21, you can't transfer your progress to the Playstation 5 version of the game. So what your virtual kicker has learned is only available on the PS 4.


The same is true for the Xbox. You cannot transfer progress from the Xbox One version to the Xbox Series X/S version.


It's a different story with the look of your pro. The look of your virtual star is saved across consoles. So if you create a kicker on the PS 4, you can use his look on the PS 5. Unfortunately, any progress you may have already made will be lost when you switch consoles.